ChatGPT Useful verbs 10 times more efficient

Instruct verbs are the first word in the prompt. They are used to instruct the model to do something. They are the most important part of the prompt. We may argue that they act as magic words that make a successful prompt, it helps to make the machine understand and follow your instructions. Each of these verbs has a specific meaning that can help the model understand what kind of answer is expected. For example, if you ask the model to explain something, it will provide a detailed explanation. On the other hand, if you ask the model to summarize something, it will provide a brief overview.

Useful words to give directions to your input texts: (point to a location of your input text)

– Given text
– following passage
– Following
– The following

Useful words to instruct: (to give instructions to the model)

– Explain
– Create
– Generate
– Provide
– Write
– Summarize
– Paraphrase
– Translate
– Rewrite
– Reword
– Rephrase
– List
– Extract
– Pick out
– Analyze
– Define
– Identify
– Describe
– Predict
– Explain
– Analyze
– compare
– Categorize
– Evaluate
– Critique
– Differentiate
– Examine
– Illustrate
– Outline
– Calculate
– Infer
– Revise
– Summarize
– Classify
– Develop
– Evaluate
– Formulate
– Discuss
– Clarify
– Highlight
– Simplify
– Apply
– Suggest / Propose
– Make
* You may add `Can you` in the case of ChatGPT to make it more conversational, but it still works in both the instruct-model and chatGPT models.


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