The chatgpt chat history is gone

My entire chat history with ChatGPT is suddenly gone from my account. It just shows an empty black sidebar where the conversations used to be. How screwed am I?

The chatgpt chat history is gone, and after looking at it, many people have encountered similar bugs.
Yeah, this is a bug. Check out the Discord server and you’ll see thousands of people currently reporting this

The same here. it seems that ChatGTP stops saving the chat history and only makes ” New Chat” available. I don’t think I have seen any notification between now and last time I was on the platform

Screenshot from 2023-03-08 11-03-01

Why is my ChatGpt chat history gone?


They’re probably releasing an update. This happens when they do that sometimes


You can try: Find the previous browsing record in the history, and you can enter the previous conversation record.
But the dialogue module is still not visible in the sidebar,


Someone on Reddit said it happened before, it might be a glitch. Wait for the technology to solve it​.


Chatgpt official discord replied the website is under maintenance:

chatgpt is currently under maintenance, and as a result, your chats may be temporarily missing.

a website under maintenance is like a pit stop for a race car—it’s necessary to keep the car running smoothly, but it temporarily takes the car out of the race. similarly, website maintenance keeps the website functioning well, but it may disrupt its normal operations temporarily.

thanks for your patience!



I logged out. shut chatgpt window. reopened, logged back in and all convos are back for me.

It’s back refresh and look at it I had to press a button and it was back…


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